Barker Ranch Aftermath Promising

Since the destruction of Barker Ranch by fire in early May, 2009, there has been a lot of talk on the desert and Death Valley themed boards about rebuilding the site.

A certain Mr. C. Ellsworth has found through the Park Service that they are open to the idea of saving the structure and not demolishing it. They are proposing that NPS staff remove the roof. They see the unsupported roof as a safety hazard and then at some point soon after that, have volunteers come in and do cleanup and wall stabilization.

Mr. Ellsworth, who was with the California Department of Corrections for 30 years and who met many of the so-called Manson Women, is spearheading a cooperative labor of love to rebuild Barker, if possible.  Working with Death Valley National Park, he hopes to provide a place for those who wish to participate or donate to the rebuilding of the Barker Ranch cabin to its former appearance and structural soundness.

Mr. Ellsworth has put together a new website dedicated to Barker Ranch, its past and future.  It’s found at:


Editor’s Note: On the link that Dave Wright listed above will be photographs and ranch history, both of which are coming soon, as the website is new. Here is some introductory text quoted from the website’s homepage:

* * * * * * *

Rebuild Barker Ranch

This website has been set up for the express purpose of the restoration of the Barker Ranch.

This site will be used to recruit volunteers and obtain donations for this project. Once the project begins the site will be updated to show the progress.

As most of you are aware the Ranch was severely damaged during a fire over the first weekend in May. The cause of the fire is currently being investigated by the NPS. The Park service wants to remove the roof as it presents a safety hazard and such time as this completed the volunteers will allowed to clean up and stabilize the walls. It should be noted that the NPS is extremely pleased with the public response and is willing to work as a partnership to save this important piece of western history.

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