Susan Sorrells

Here is a fine lady of local origin who went on to see the world, and then returned to the humble region around Shoshone, California, where she grew up as a member of the Fairbanks Brown pioneer family. Susan has a special tie to this Land of Legend because members of her own family played fascinating roles in it. For example, Charles Brown, the Sheriff of Greenwater copper rush times, was her grandfather.

She and her husband are presently the driving force behind the small town of Shoshone, California, and they operate a propane business in Pahrump, Nevada. Susan is also the Co-President of the Amargosa Conservancy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the natural world of the Amargosa country.

Any folks who wish to hear some of her appealing story about Sheriff Brown, and how he captured a criminal one night while barefoot, can purchase a documentary at the Furnace Creek Visitor’s Center called Ghost Towns of Death Valley, where she is one of the folks interviewed about regional history. It is quite engaging and definitely brings history alive in a more personal manner.

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