Eureka Sand Dunes Campground

The Eureka singing sand dunes can be heard, when conditions of humidity and wind are just right, if you happen to be at this campground. The dunes are a National Natural Landmark, nearly 700 feet to their highest point, and covering about three square miles.

There is a primitive campground on the northern side of the dune field. Amenities include a primitive block outhouse. That’s about it. Of course, solitude is top-notch, as most normal people don’t take too well to such “deprived” conditions. From the camp area, hiking the huge dunes is a highly desired activity. And for all the photography buffs, these are the best dunes in Death Valley National Park for awesome dune photos, especially early morning or late afternoon, when beautiful clouds add to the ambiance! The view from the top is striking!

Three types of unique plants live here, being found nowhere else. They are the Eureka Dune Grass, Eureka Evening Primrose, and Shining Locoweed. The enchanting Last Chance Range borders the dunes on the east. Easy, but bumpy, 2wd access is obtained via a very washboarded dirt road from the north, or via a rough and challenging 4wd dirt road from the south through Dedeckera Canyon. For those who insist on solitude, these dunes answer. Not many people venture out this far from civilization, which is a good thing for loners who seek the natural world in all its glory.

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